In person or virtual classes. Join many other happy clients currently engaged in our fitness regimes. Leveluplizway offers more than just physical exercise - here you will find a life path and community.
Consistency and perseverance equates to success and growth
Self-defense workshops
We offer - Corporate Self-defense workshops, Moms and daughters, Teenage and adult ladies self-defense
Product Launches, Celebrations, Cultural events and promotions.
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Kids Kungfu in person classes
Kids classes are very popular and fun. Not only do they learn how to defend themselves but they also learn valuable life skills
Film Action Acting Fighting
Action Acting Workshops that includes learning about camera angels and the art of fighting on film inclusive dialogue.
Virtual classes
Everything on offer via Leveluplizway can be done Virtually. This includes Chen Taijiquan, Self-defense and Pilates.
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Videos of movements learned applicable to Chen Taijiquan
Already made videos for students who train in Chen Taijiquan. This is an additional tool for learning this intricate style.
Other Services
We have experts at your service for all your fitness, rehab and medical needs

Pilates and Martial Fitness

Pilates and Martial Fitness

Do half the class Pilates and the rest Martial Fitness. This includes bag work and all aspects of Kick boxing.

Chinese Medicine Doctor

Cell: 078 064 2292

Acupuncture - Cupping

Dr Gwynn Hector is based in Stellenbosch. For all your Chinese Medicine needs. Cell: 078 064 2292



Ancient breathing exercises combined with specific movement. Mind and body connection

Pilates Private
I come to you - Stellenbsoch and surrounds. Virtually if you prefer.
Shaolin Wushu and Sanda

Chen Taijiquan Private
I come to you or Virtually
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Private Kids Self-defense
I do once off sessions for peace of mind - your child will learn Self-defense techniques that can be used in worst case scenarios
Self-defense for Ladies
I come to you (area based) in the privacy of your home. Invite friends and get empowered. I also do Stellenbosch student self-defense.
Corporate events and teambuilding
We offer teambuilding in a fun and informative way. A great way to take a break in between workshops and boost the moral. By doing breathing exercises and slow movement based on the Martial Art - Chen Taijiquan (Tai Chi) The deep breathing energizes the participant and enhances clarity by getting rid of brain fog. The slow movement creates a great workout that everyone can do - no special clothing required. By playing a Tuishou (Pushing hands) game at the end - they will learn about teambuilding, have a great time full of laughs and test their new found skills against each other, and there is only one spot for a winner! 
Self-defense workshops are also very popular and can form part of teambuilding and upliftment for your female employee. For such a serious topic we try to make it a fun and relaxed environment, but still with the main focus on real applicable techniques.  Once the participant realizes she has strength and power she never knew she had - it leads to great new skills and empowerment.  The workshop is set up in such a way that they can continue to train by themselves in the comfort of their homes.

Previous clients include: Absa Head office, Capitec Head office. Lindsay Saker, Virgin Active, Ogilvy, Stellenbosch University to name a few.