Correct training techniques for all your fitness needs. No matter your age or fitness level - healthy or in recovery from an injury. You can level up!
Wherever you find yourself in life, your consciousness is most important. Learn how to be in present time. Raise your vibration for optimum mental health.
Martial fitness
Feel good about yourself. Understand your body and mind better, connect the two, one movement and breath at a time. Reach boss levels.
Chen Taijiquan South Africa
Learn authentic Chen Style Taijiquan (Tai Chi) a complete Martial Art done for Self-defense and health purposes. Movements are slow at times but also fast. All movements have martial applications and understanding it as such you will gain the health benifates.
Chen style is the oldest style and precedes Yang style. It has a 400 year history based on efficient fighting techniques.  Please follow the Youtube link at the bottom of the page for videos
This style is known by its low based postures and explosive movements known as fajing. The style consists of forms such as the 19 Form, 38 Form, Straight sword (Jian) - Lao Jia Yi Lu, Lao Jia Er Lu, Xin Jia Yi Lu, Spear (Qiang), Saber, Double Saber, and Double Straightsword. Silk Reeling exercises and Zhan Zhuang. Tuishou drills (Push hands) - as well as 5 levels of Tuishou. Free sparring based on Shuai Jiao (Chinese grappling) and all techniques consistent of this style. Every movement of the forms has application and it is taught as such inclusive history and posture names. Great emphasis is placed on correct alignment. This includes explanation of hip, shoulder, feet, knees and overall alignment. 

Our Featured Classes

Group classes include Kids and Adult Shaolin Wushu classes 



Pilates Mat work - Balance your body, Injury prevention and correct training techniques. Rehab.

Chen Taijiquan

Chen Taijiquan

Traditional authentic Chen Style Taijiquan. South African pioneer and head instructor since 2000.



Covering all aspects of Self-defense. Situational awareness, bag work and martial fitness

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At Leveluplizway you don't just get told to do a movement, you also get shown as to how and why. You will be armed with a lifetime of correct knowledge. This knowledge can be applied to any fitness regime as well as life skills in any environment.

In Person classes
Group and Private classes are area based only. 
Virtual classes
You can be ANYWHERE in world! And yes virtual lessons work! I have stared at monitors for years as a Fight Coordinator for Film and TV. I see everything! Would you rather have a competent professional instructor virtually or an inexperienced unqualified instructor in person?  
Change starts with you. Sometimes we need a little help. If you are tired of the current role you are playing in life then why not cast yourself into a new lead role where you are the star. Let me help you get started. Change your frequency - change your life.

Kids Kungfu

Age appropriate Shaolin Wushu (Kungfu) and Self-defense for Children. From 8 years old. Teenagers sepperate. Have better concentration, balance, flexibility, life skills and confidence. 

Shaolin Wushu Teenagers

Great for building self confidence. Improved strength and confidence.


Chen Taijiquan

Chen Tajiquan consists of low based postures and fajing (explosive energy.) It is a complete martial arts system. It is more dynamic than Yang Style (a derrivative.) It was created by Chen Wangting (1580-1660)  

Shaolin Wushu

Shaolin Wushu  dates back to 495AD It has evolved through the years - but still remains a very popular Chinese Martial Art. There are many styles under the Shaolin umbrella


As a Fight Coordinator for film and TV I had very little time to teach an Actor to move like his character. These techniques can be applied to real life scenarios as it teaches you the basics that work. Learn everything you need to know in a fight situation.


Are you struggling with back pain or possibly recovering from an injury? Would you like to enhance your performance as an athlete or Martial Artist? Perhaps you  just would like to get stronger and more flexible? I cater for all types of fitness. 

Meet your expert trainer

Chinese Martial Arts instructor since 1995. Fight Coordinator for film and TV since 2005. Pilates instructor since 2006. 
Styles taught are:

Shaolin Wushu, Sanda, and Chen Taijiquan of which she pioneered in South Africa in the year 2000. Chen Taijiquan coaches: Shifu José Figueroa USA and Master Chen Ziqiang China.

South African National Team member and overseas competitor for South Africa 1996 Fort Lauderdale USA. First Place Sanda full contact fight devision.

Chosen South African National Team member 1997. Sponsorship lacking competing.

South African National Team member Ju-Jitsu 2000 and overseas competitor. Bronze medal. Leeds GB  

United States Wushu Federation invite year 2000. Gold medal Sanda devision full contact fighting. Maryland USA

Shifu Liz is a classically trained dancer of 15 years - Ballet, Tap and Modern Dancing. She started with Chinese Martial Arts in 1994. There wasn't a lot of good teachers available at that time in South Africa and that led her to traveling to New York to start training in Chen Family Taijiquan with Shifu José Figueroa who is a disciple of Master Ren Guangyi who in return is a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. Shifu Liz also started going to Chen Village in China from the year 2007 onwards to train with the Chen family clan. Her teacher was Chen Ziqiang the nephew of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. During all this she was a successful Stunt woman for film and TV as well as a Fight Coordinator for film and TV having coordinated over 100 fight scenes. She also prides herself as a Pilates instructor having taught hundreds of clients during the years.

What Clients Say's

Below are excerpts taken from Social media. 

I got to meet @lizstunts today. And of course being the monkey I am I had to pull a bad guy face after playing the good Mei-mei. So much great advice from this woman in just 30 minutes. Thanks for teaching us.

Instagram @Lizstunts

Kelly Chandrapaul  Dancer and Actress

If you want to learn some real Tai Chi and are in the region of South Africa, go see Liz she's the real deal

Facebook @liztaichi

Mike Leeder  Casting Director and Actor Hong Kong

Best Pilates instructor of all times is Liz 

Facebook @lizpilates101

mandy van rooyen
Mandy van Rooyen  Teacher